Homemade Pizza

Monday, May 13, 2013

This is what we did for our "brunch" date at the weekend! I decided that it would be plain cruel to leave Alice out this time. And we were excited for her to try her first ever slice of pizza! Now I am NOT a perfect mum. I let Alice munch on the odd chocolate biscuit, eat raisins off the floor and sometimes I let her lap up the sugary milk left over from my bowl of cereal in the mornings. But there is something about giving a 14 month old greasy, takeaway pizza that just doesn't sit right with me. So I thought, I'll make some pizza instead!

It was so so simple (I've never done it before!) and they were ready in about 15 minutes. Alice loved it, her favourite topping is definitely mushrooms. It was nice to eat lunch as a family. I noticed the other day that Alice has 4 molars already! I don't know when she got them because she hasn't made any fuss about teething recently. But this is such good news because there are so many more foods she can now munch on (properly) and enjoy with us! It is great having a toddler!



  1. Pretty sure you mean bowl of cereal....'bowel' of cereal doesn't bear thinking about.. :/

    Lovely post though. The pizza looks beyond scrummy and as always I love looking at the photos you post. They look so Purdy :)

  2. Homemade pizza is the business! Alice looks like we really enjoyed it! Aidens molars have just 'appeared' as well - with minimum fuss! And my HV told me those ones would be the worst! Odd! Xo

  3. What highchair is this? Let me know....we need one for next month... Choosing one is so hard!


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