How do you find the time to blog?

Friday, May 03, 2013

I get asked this question quite a lot. Usually by people who want to start/ have started a blog themselves but can't seem to find time to update it and want to know how I do. If you read my blog regularly, you'll see that I try to have a new post pretty much every day. And not just any old post, but a well thought out one, or one with some lovely pictures at least.

How I manage to do this isn't really some big secret. Firstly, you are right. Alice takes up pretty much my entire day now. In between washing, cleaning, trips to the park, shopping and entertaining a 14 month old, there isn't much time for blogging in the day. But this is the perfect opportunity to get some good content! I love taking photos, so much that I am in the middle of starting my own photography business. If I didn't have this blog, I would still have the same amount of photos stored on my computer. It just so happens that I do have a blog, so I put them on it instead!

Alice's routine has reverted back to an early bedtime as we are trying to take her down to one nap instead of two. So she has a bath at 6 and is in bed at 6.30 most nights. Dave doesn't get in from work until about 7.30 so I have an hour to blog. Sometimes I blog the whole weeks worth of posts and schedule them all. Sometimes I just do the next days post and schedule it for the next morning. This definitely takes a great amount of discipline and I can see how if you aren't motivated to do it, you can fall behind. But I love blogging.

I haven't really had one of those moments where I have thought "I can't be bothered to blog anymore". I think that has something to do with the fact that I blog mainly for me, as an online diary to look back on. When i stared the blog, it was all about fashion and beauty. And it was HARD. I just couldn't keep up with that, I couldn't be bothered! So I made my blog into a lifestyle blog instead, which gives me much more freedom in what I blog about.

I love blogging, which is why I do it and why I am motivated to find the time each day to post! If you are struggling to find time to blog, I would consider changing your blogs direction and start posting about things you want to talk about. After all, if you really want to do something, you WILL find the time to do it!


Ps. I am looking for some really good home decor/ craft blogs to read. I used to find them all on hellocotton, and now that's gone I don't know where to look! Does anyone know any? 


  1. Thank you for the great insight into our blogging schedule. I am a relatively new blogger. I ha a running blog before but now that I'm expecting my first baby I'm getting into it more.
    Reading techniques that others who have a bigger following is always interesting and helpful.

    Thanks again!

  2. Loved this post! Thank you for your insight. I am a new blogger also and with being Mum to 5 beautiful children I also find the time to blog VERY hard. I've even got a list of "to do blogs" when I get the chance! I wasn't aware that you could "schedule" your posts to be published at different time. I will certainly start to do this! x

  3. I couldn't live with out shceduling posts! Its a god send! I don't have any children yet but I do work 60hr weeks which doesnt leave much time for blogging. I had a bit of a blog meltdown last month which meant I had to rebuild my whole site AND I lost all of my content, about 100 posts :-( I'm now in the process of re-writing it all and posting new items, not quite got into the swing of it again yet though!
    I'm still trying to cathc up on other peoples blogs too, so if you ever see my postsing comments on old posts its because I ahven't had a chance to catch up on Alice and yours adventures for a few weeks :-) xxxxx


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