Kintchen Shelves

Saturday, May 25, 2013

We have shelves in our kitchen. I love shelves. When things are placed lovingly on them they can look so unbelievably aesthetically pleasing! However, when you don't have the funds to buy beautifully coloured bowls, cake stands and containers, it can be hard to make them look pretty. I am always looking at pinterest for shelf inspiration, like these ones. So simple, but so effective!



  1. I love the idea if open shelves... We even took to doors off our old cabinets for a couple years. It doesn't work so well when the man of the house doesn't understand that how you put the plates and bowls away affects the aesthetics of the idea.
    Once I get my collection of vintage kitchenware going beyond Pyrex bowls we will revisit the idea. :)

    Your shelves are super cute!


  2. It looks so pretty! I would love a kitchen like this but just like the comment above I can't trust my man of the house to keep it looking pretty! lol


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