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Thursday, May 23, 2013

I say wish list... but I am actually looking to purchase some new photography goodies in the near future! I am working towards starting my own business in photography. I think I see myself as a family and portrait photographer, but I would LOVE to be involved with weddings eventually! I am currently offering family photo sessions from as little as £50 for 2 hours and a copy of all the photos on USB. I find that a lot of family photographers offer the actual photo session very cheaply (maybe £10) but then charge a ridiculous amount to purchase the actual photos! I would love to offer one standard price for the photography session and USB with edited photos from the day. And although I wouldn't be able to offer any print out's just yet, I think having the edited photos on USB allows you to purchase your own print outs from websites such as photobox and also allows you to search around for the best deals!

Anyway, I digress!! I am looking to purchase the Nikon D7000. I did toy with the D700 and D800, but I simply can not afford a full body camera just yet! And the D7000 looks like a good choice for low light, which is always a good investment! The lenses I am considering are the cheaper 50mm f/1.8 lens for portraits and the more expensive 24-70mm f/2.8G for everything else! I know I know, it's heavy and it's not perfect, but I have heard good things about it, especially when being used with the D7000.

I love photography, and I know there is so much to learn and discover. But I know I have the creativity and determination to do it, and I would love to make it my full time occupation. However, when you have a strict budget to work with (and I still have to do the website, marketing and insurance side of things!) it is difficult to wade through the vast amount of equipment available out there! So if anyone does have any advice, or tips do let me know!

Also, this site is great for comparing camera prices: Bestcompactcamera2016.com

And if you would like to be my first wedding clients, do drop me an email and I'll be forever grateful!



  1. Wow! Those are cool tools! I hope you get your wish. I have a question though, why do you want to be a wedding photographer? What is it about weddings that makes you want to photograph them? I wish that you get your wish and make it big in the world of photography.

    - BlueWaterStudiosLLC.com

    1. Thanks! I think I just love the idea of being part of someone's big day and would love to be responsible for capturing those emotional once in a lifetime moments! But I love family photography too and love family photography too! And I think it would be a little more flexible time wise too!
      It's early days yet but we shall see! Xx

  2. I have the d7000 and the 50mm, both are amazing have a look at the pics on my blog if you want to see the quality. Latley i've been using the 35mm f1.8 for alot of my posts which is pretty good like the 50mm but might suit portaits a bit more. x


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