Plug Plants

Monday, May 20, 2013

I decided to buy some plug plants the other day. Firstly because they are cheaper than buying fully grown plants and secondly because they are EVERYWHERE at the moment and I was too tempted to say no! Seriously, they are selling these on every corner! I even saw the local pub selling them outside.
Anyway, I am doing my best to keep them alive until they are strong enough to be planted outside. Then they are on their own!

I love having a garden. I wish it could be grass though, as I'm sure Alice would love it! But to have any outdoor space in London is a bit of a bonus, so we're not really complaining!



  1. Im sure they'll do well ..just make sure they get plenty of light & enough water (not too much though)... true what you say about garden space in London, a rarity unless its shared :( we make use out of my mums garden when we visit xx


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