The Tent

Saturday, May 18, 2013

It has not stopped raining recently. Seriously, the weather has been horrid. So Alice and I have spent lots of time indoors, alone. We have made it to the garden inbetween showers, but that's about it. It is not easy thinking up things to do with a very active toddler, who just wants to run around and climb on everything all day, so I have had to be inventive. We have made cakes, played with squirty cream on the wooden floor, done lots of paintings, made tents and held many tea parties inside and mummy has even had time to do a few blog posts! Though if I am honest, we have relied on the TV a little too much this week. I can still hear Peppa Pigs theme tune in my head!

Come back sun.



  1. Developing cabin fever? It's started to rain up here as well, deep joy. Xo


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