This is not a cocktail

Monday, May 27, 2013

This is not a cocktail post! My idea of a complex cocktail is lemonade and Malibu!
A lot about this blog is capturing the little details in life that make me smile. This weekend my mum and dad had Alice for a whole day and a whole night. It was nice and sunny so we spend some time wondering round the shops, spent some time sorting out the overgrown garden and generally relaxing! However, when Dave went off to work in the evening (Dj'ing job!) I found myself alone in our house for the first time since moving into it in December. No Alice. No Dave.

Do you know what I did? Nothing. I spent half an hour making a lemonade try to look more exciting so I could capture this lovely photo while the sun was still up, and the rest of the time watching terrible YouTube videos. Before I knew it, it was midnight and I was in bed asleep. I felt so annoyed at myself for not using that time more wisely. But what else would I have done? Maybe had a bath, painted my nails, done some blogging? Or perhaps cooked something yummy, or read a book or even watched a film all the way through.

Then I realised why I was not more motivated to do these things. I can already do them! The thing is, is that I have such a lovely husband-to-be that if i wanted to take a 2 hour bath in the evening, he would gladly listen out for Alice. He does sometimes let me watch a film the whole way through by going up to Alice when she wakes. He does watch Alice at weekends if I want to make some cakes. And Alice is such a good sleeper now that I do get to read "His Dark Materials" every night before bed (I started it a year ago today and still haven't finished it!)

So what I am trying to say is, I feel very lucky to have the amount of time to myself that I already have!

However, it was nice not getting up at 5am on Sunday! Thanks mum and dad!



  1. That looks yummy!
    Reading this I've realised... I've never had a night away from Aiden (Minus the 3 nights he was in SCBU, but even then I was one floor up in the maternity ward & down for every feed!)! Xo

  2. Awww we both have wonderful partners...my man is the same.he will see to Olivia & Miley if i want to paint my nails or have a nice long bath. We're very lucky to have our little families. It does make you appreciate your 'me time' more when you have kids :) xx


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