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Saturday, May 04, 2013

COLOUR! Ok, so for my wedding I always knew flowers were going to be the most important part of the decoration. I love flowers, I am obsessed. I actually did a florist course during my gap year! Growing flowers, arranging flowers, buying flowers, it's one of my favourite hobbies. 

I was very tempted to do my own flowers for the wedding, seeing as I have some very specific ideas for what I want. But I didn't want the stress of having to buy all the flowers and arrange them all myself, it is after all my big day! So I have put it in the trusted hands of my favourite florist up in Wimbledon Village. 

So far, everything in our wedding marquee is white. White table cloths, white napkins, white plates, white carpet. This was very important because I want all the colour to come from the flowers and some lanterns hanging from the ceiling. I love weddings which have pops of colour as opposed to a whole colour theme which can sometimes look a little... boring? I think that when you have a one colour theme for a wedding you are in danger of having decorations there because they are the right colour, as opposed to choosing items you really love! Imagine finding the perfect bunting, but not being able to buy it because it has other colours outside of your colour theme!

So our "colour theme" is loosely based around orange, yellow and pink. But I want lilac, green and blue splashed about the place as well. This is actually proving quite difficult to explain, so I shall share some more pictures I found on pinterest instead: 



  1. I love this idea so much. Colour themes annoy me and are kind of stressing me out already, despite the fact I haven't even got a wedding date yet!! The idea of splashes of colour everywhere sounds so bright, cheerful and happy! A perfect combination for a wedding! Xo

  2. Gorgeous! Simplicity is always best. I totally agree with your opinion on color for a wedding. I love a classic, simple look with pops of color.
    I hope you have a blast as you put the final touches on your wedding!


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