What's in My Changing Bag?

Monday, May 13, 2013


  1. You have such a lovely changing bag! I desperately need a new one, it's falling apart. I live how Alice is like 'no, silly mum, THAT'S not my favourite toy THIS one is - keep up!!' Hehe ;)
    I only ever clear my bag out if Aiden is going to be looked after by someone else for a day - I might be able to find the sudocream in that mess but I doubt my sister would! Haha xo

  2. Love your honesty and down to earth nature. I loved the day I regained my handbag (aka the changing bag) back. Although even now I find the odd little dinosaur in the purse, which always makes me giggle.

  3. Love this video and love the bag, I have had a couple of pink lining bags and loved them but I have a new one with the new baby. I visited your blog ages ago and then didn't subscribe so only just coming back to it now. It is so lovely so am definitely subscribing now! xx


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