A Review of the Philips Senso Touch 3D Shaver

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

There are some fantastic Father's day present's from Littlewood's to choose from this year! We were recently given the opportunity to try out the new Philips Senso Touch 3D Shaver. Retailing at around £250, it is definitely a luxury and would be a brilliant father's day present (June 16th, don't forget!!).

Dave tried this out the other day and these are his thoughts: "The shaver follows the contours of your face really well, better than any other shaver I've tried. Although I would say the shave isn't as close as a razor, it's definitely the closest shave of any shaver I've used before. I usually just finish off with a razor when I want a really close shave, but I can definitely get away with not doing that when time is short.The claim that there's no irritation is justified too."

Happy daddy I think! What I wanted to know, was what on earth does 3D mean? Well for one, it has nothing to do with display. The 3D in the shaver title refers to its GyroFlex 3D feature, with contour following heads. These heads follow the curve of your skin’s surface while reducing pressure or irritation. 

The best thing about it is the amount of time it can save! The last thing Dave wants to do in the morning is spend half and hour shaving when he could be spending quality time with Alice. The Philips SensoTouch’s 3D technology allows both dry and wet shaves. And if you someone who develops rashes using a dry electric shaver, the SensoTouch will come in handy as it works well with shaving gel for sensitive skin. Or of course, you can just shave in the shower! 

Dave loved the shaver. It has a pretty high price, but the amount of time it has saved him in the mornings is well worth it! 

You can buy the Senso Touch 3D Shaver from Littlewoods. 



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