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Monday, June 17, 2013

Just a few snaps from last week taken around this cottage! It had been terrible weather at the beginning of the week. Literally raining non stop and cold too. We actually had to put the heating back on again! We made a couple of trips into town to grab some ingredients for cakes, or some bread and milk. Other than that, we didn't really leave the house. I realised that Alice hasn't worn her wellies before and so we have been practising walking around the house in them and I have been teaching her not to pull them off! Hopefully if she gets the hang of it, next time it rains we can pretend to be Peppa Pig and jump in some puddles!

I think another reason for lack of motivation to get out the house has been because Alice hasn't been sleeping very well. She seems to wake a lot at night now, and we are not sure why. When you are running on very little sleep, it's always handy to have a helping hand for those trips out, which is why we rushed out the house on Friday when Dave came home early from work!

Here are some pictures of what we have been up to last week...

 Making cakes. Yes, mixing in a saucepan! I don't have two bowls and so I gave Alice some mixture to play with in a saucepan. She loved it!
 Can not get enough of smoothies right now. This one is strawberry and banana!
 Lots of colouring!
 Running around in wellies all day. Tempted to get a pair for myself with this weather!



  1. Lovely photos, hope you're all feeling better soon.
    I am loving smoothies right now too :)

    Kerry xx

  2. I love your photos. The wee womans wellies are sooo cute!
    I hope Alices sleeping gets better soon and you can all get a good nights sleep! x

  3. She looks so much like her daddy, particularly the one where she's sitting in that basket! Lovely photo of you both drawing, too. Byron hasn't got the hang of crayons quite yet and he just tries to eat them...

  4. Look at that smile when she's mixing the cake mixture! That's so adorable! Xo


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