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Saturday, June 29, 2013

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We all lead crazily busy lives. Once you have children and particularly babies and toddlers, you wonder what you used to do with all the spare time you had before, right? So when you do get a little downtime, you’re so exhausted that you hardly know what to do with it. Then the guilt factor creeps in. After all, you’ve suddenly got a spare hour while one of your children is at nursery and the other is asleep, perhaps, so you feel you really “ought” to be doing something useful with this time.
Does this feel like you? If so, this is dangerous territory in my opinion. There’s an old saying that runs along the lines of “if you want something doing – ask a busy person”. In other words, the people who are really busy in life are the types of people who get things done and find quick solutions – and the saying could have been written specifically for busy Mums who are on the go virtually every waking hour.  The downside to this is that we can’t relax when we have the opportunity to do so as we feel so “wired” all the time.

One solution I’ve found to this problem is to play a few games on my mobile. It’s kind of enforced relaxation; my mind is spinning and feels like it needs to be occupied, but I’m simultaneously aware of the psychological need to try and switch off and not get into the crazily busy “spiral” all the time.

There are endless options to go for depending on whatever does it for you. Personally, I enjoy playing casino games – but only games of pure chance where I have a decent chance of winning (or not losing too much anyway!) such as roulette – as opposed to poker or blackjack etc., where I’d have to think! The best online casinos all let you play for free if you want to but I like to play for very small stakes to help make it real. There are scores of good online casinos to go for but I went for bgo due to the generosity of the welcome bonus which effectively means I’m playing for free. Also, the games are great fun and the site has just launched its new mobile site which has to be seen to be believed.

So if you’re as wired as I am and you get that miraculous spare hour – why not come and battle the odds at bgo's online casino with me? It’s great fun and surprisingly absorbing – and it gets exciting when I get ahead even with my tiny stake money, though of course the opposite also happens. But as long as you’re playing with amounts of money that don’t really matter, I don’t see the harm in it and it does kind of “make” me completely zone out for a while – which is its main benefit of course.

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