Father's Day Weekend

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

For Father's Day, Alice and i took Dave to the Tate Modern in London. Actually it was somewhere we had both wanted to go to for a while! We didn't go to any of the exhibitions, as they were quite pricey and most of them were inappropriate for Alice! But the galleries are brilliant enough to walk around and enjoy. For once, we didn't let Alice out the buggy as we walked around because there were lots of different floors to get to and most of the art work was behind a thin piece of string, which Alice would have obviously destroyed! A few chocolate buttons and she was happy enough to take in the sights and sounds around her. 

Apologies for the slightly blurred photos, there is not much room for photo taking and there are about a million other waiting to snap the same part as you. Pressure!! 

Afterwards, we enjoyed the old London entertainment on the streets!

Alice filled up on sugary ribena.

And we spent the rest of the time chasing our sugared up, super hyper toddler around London before she crashed out on the train on the way home! 



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