Tips for Taking Photos of your Baby!

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Here are some quick tips and tricks I have learned about photographing young babies! Babies grow up so quickly that it becomes so important to capture those special moments. But if you only have a few, blurry and rushed pictures to look back on, it can be a real shame. I'm not saying live your life through a lens instead of enjoy those moments in reality, I'm just saying that sometimes taking an extra couple of minutes to take that photo of her first smile can make such a difference!

 I had a habit of placing Alice on white bedsheets to take a quick picture. I'm so glad I did! The background is completely non-distracting and the focus is completely on her little face and hands going crazy! 

 Capture the toys and the clothes! You will love looking back at them. And try calling your babies name, then capturing the picture as they turn to look at you. Cue super cute facial expressions! 

 In this picture I was using a toy to distract her attention from the camera and make her smile. I was actually barely looking through the camera screen too! I just made sure I was holding the camera at an angle I knew would get her in the shot. 

 Try a peek-a-boo shot! Place the camera on a table and when your little one pops up, snap! They are so funny, but play about with the focus a bit to make sure it's not the table that's in focus instead of baby! 

 Self timer shots are great fun. Set the camera up and then just play with your baby while snapping away. You're bound to get some beautiful natural shots. 

Don't forget the little feet/ toes/ hands/ nose. The little things that you love and will miss when your baby is older. 



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