Looking for a Family Photographer?

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

If you didn't know already, I am currently in the process of starting my very own photography business.


I am actually focussing on family and baby photography at the moment, as that is obviously where my strengths lie! Of course, I would consider portraits/ events or any other photography you would like too.

I would absolutely love the opportunity to photograph you and your family!

Let me tell you a little bit about how I work. I am based in South West London but will travel, in reason, for your shoot. If you live a little further from me, we can always find a location halfway!
I will meet you and your family at the chosen location, ideally a park or somewhere pretty to walk around. Then depending on the age of your child/ children, we will have a good old chat and take a walk around the area, as you would do on a casual family day out. The first half of the photo shoot will be totally relaxed. I encourage you to just play with your children, let them run around and be thrown about in the air, whatever you normally do! I'll capture as many photos as I physically can of these special moments so you have some beautiful natural pictures to look back on.

After everyone has relaxed and we know each other a little better, I will start gently nodding you into some more "formal" poses. Don't think school photos! they won't be that staged and stern! I'll simply point out a bench or a pretty walkway and ask you to stop for a moment so I can get a quick snap. For younger children, peek-a-boo is a great way of making these moments a little more natural. Or else I can wave a little toy around like some mad woman in the background!

I love quirky, creative shots, and I hope you do too! So I am always looking to try some new, fun poses along the way. And of course, if there are any shots you have in mind, or have maybe seen yourself online and thought "that'd be a cool photo of us!" then let me know and we'll give it a go! Feet photos are my favourite, as are the "dad throwing the baby in the air while mum looks on in horror" ones. Hehe! (Why do dads insist on doing that?! It's the first thing Dave does with Alice in the morning!).

I am currently offering discounted prices for a 2 hour photography session at your chosen location, with up to 25 fully edited photos on disc for you to print out/ post online all you like! (If you do publish them online, a little link back to my website would be lovely!)

If you would like to book a family/ portrait/ event photography session with me I have availability from August onwards at the moment, so email me for prices!




  1. I wish I lived near you, I love your photography!

    Good luck with it all.



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