My First Roast Dinner

Monday, June 03, 2013

Last weekend I made my very first roast dinner. I was extremely daunted about the prospect of cooking an entire chicken, especially when it arrived in our shopping delivery! But I was determined to cook it and I did.

It wasn't adventurous and because of my bad timing we had to have new potatoes instead of roast, and frozen veg instead of lovingly roasted veggies. But you know what, the chicken was perfect! We also had enough for the next day and I made a lovely chicken soup with it! I am determined to make a much better Sunday roast next time and get my timings right now I have perfected the chicken!



  1. Aw bless you for trying though! It is actually very hard to get the timings right for everything with a roast dinner. Especially if you do yorkshires too!It took me many times to work out when to do everything and how to keep things warm if they cook sooner than expected. My Nan always made it seem so easy!x


  2. Sunday dinners are so difficult.. I make them from time to time and they get me in a right tizz, haha. I find beef is much easier to cook (less chance of food poisoning makes me less scared) but timing everything so it's all ready at the same time always goes wrong for me. I recently had to throw a whole dinner out because I'd seriously misjudged how long a chicken takes to cook and burnt everything else as we waited

    However, I did manage to make a pretty perfect christmas dinner this year, which was my biggest kitchen achievement to date. I was so proud xx

  3. Look delicious!! Crock pot chicken is my absolute favorite "fancy" meal.

  4. My favourite dinner. And thanks to my dad, I learnt quite early how to make one. And once you've perfected it you can start to get adventurous - I use a chicken stick cube with a *little* olive oil to make a paste and brush all over my chicken, which makes the most wonderful crispy skin(much to Gary's delight) and I've started to use Nandos meat rubs too to make a nice wee change! Well done on your first chicken - they can be a bit iffy to time!! Xo


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