Our Favourite Time of Day

Thursday, June 13, 2013

My absolute favourite part of the day is about half 1/ 2pm when Alice wakes up from her afternoon nap. The morning is a bit of a blur, we tend to stay in our pyjamas till about 9am and then go out to the shops or for a walk at 10. By the time we get back at about 11, Alice is starting to get really tired and a little grisly. So I make a quick lunch, usually sandwiches and put her down for her nap. She usually sleeps for about 2 hours so I have time to tidy up, prepare dinner for later, have my lunch and do some blogging. Then she wakes up!

I love it. She is refreshed, I am refreshed and we are both happy. Our afternoons are a lot more structured than the mornings too which make me feel a lot more in control of things. I like knowing what I am doing next and so does Alice I think. We read books in her cot, play in her bedroom then go downstairs and have a snack and some juice. I usually do some sort of messy play with her in the afternoon as it is nearer to bathtime so it doesn't matter if she gets in a mess! Then we have dinner at 5, which she helps me to cook now by standing on a chair in the kitchen and banging things on the counter! We watch Nick JR bedtime on TV together and read a few more books before bath time. And then daddy comes home in time to put her to bed!

And then we wake up the next day and do it all over again!



  1. I love post-nap time too, especially when they wake up in the best of moods! Xo

  2. Beautiful daughter!! My baby girl is soo happy post nap-time as well :)

    BTW what camera do you use? :) Lovely photos!

    1. Thanks!
      I use a Nikon D7000 with the 50mm 1.8 lens. It's a beaut! xx

  3. Alice is just too cute! I just read your above reply and I've decided I need your lens for my Nikon!


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