Tuesday, June 11, 2013

We had such a nice time at the park over the weekend. After finally investing in some reins to restrain our absolutely uncontrollable daughter, trips like this are so much easier! Firstly I wasn't worrying every two seconds about her diving into the lake. And secondly, she wasn't running over to strangers and pulling at their legs! The parks are always super busy around where we live so it is so much nicer to be able to have some control over Alice and be able to enjoy the day.

You may also notice that we finally invested in a better camera! It's the Nikon D7000 and we have bought the 50mm 1.8 lens. Can not tell you how obsessed with it I am already. I wish we had bought it sooner. I am very excited to get snapping with it!! 



  1. What a beautiful day at the park you guys had! Reins are so amazing when we have uncontrollable little ones! My Jacob thought his reins was swing time when Mummy had hold of them! Nightmare! ha! x

  2. She looks so cute and pretty. You should be very lucky to get an angel like this as your daughter.

  3. Reins are a great invention! Looks like you had a lovely day, the pictures of you and Alice playing keek by the tree are so cute! Xo

  4. We were going to buy the rucksack with rein attached, but Alex would no doubt pull his arms out of the rucksack straps; instead we bought some reins with a proper section at the front meant for 1-4 years. Definitely an investment worth making! Saves so much hassle. Especially when they are too big for the pushchair/refuse to go in it!

    Kara x


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