The Flower Walk

Monday, June 24, 2013

How pretty is this little flower covered walkway?! Alice was not feeling the posed pictures, the one above is the best one I got. So I resorted to standing back and going with the flow this time. Alice loves flowers, or loves picking them. So we were constantly telling her not to pick these ones, which was funny because she just had no idea what we were saying! 

It was supposed to rain today, and it didn't. We hadn't planned to go anywhere because we were expecting a thunder storm and torrential rain all day, so when it didn't happen we rushed out to the park. And just in time because the second we got back home it absolutely poured! 



  1. That's so pretty! Alice looks so sweet, as always. Xo

  2. Your almost-matching outfits are so cute :)

    Rachel x


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