The Seaside

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Last week we took a trip to the seaside. It was so so hot and even though we left at 8am, the car ride there was sweltering! We left early so we could leave at half 12, Alice's nap time. It was also the hottest day of the year and didn't want Alice throwing a tantrum on the way home in that heat! 

She loved it. I have never seen her so excited before! She was running up and down those stones, and into the sea and picking up rocks and seaweed. Her little face lit up and it was so lovely to witness. We had lunch on the seafront and watched Alice chase the seagulls away. Then it was back to running up and down stones. If you ever need to ware your toddler out so they sleep all night long, I suggest a trip to the seaside. Alice was shattered when it got to about 5pm, and went to bed at 6! 

It's family outings like this that make every single tantrum, every single night of screaming and crying, every single spaghetti hoot thrown in your direction worth it! 



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