A Bit of Alice's Room

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

When we moved in, the first room I designed and made look nice was the family room. Alice's room has been a little neglected... I have so many ideas for it, but just haven't got around to finishing it off! I kind of know the direction I want it to go in, colourful and bright. Fun with lots of patterns. It is just taking the time to search out those items which will make it look amazing!

I still have Alice in a cot. I have thought about moving her to a toddler bed, but I just don't see the rush at the moment. She seems happy enough in the cot and I feel happy that she wont roll out of it or anything. And she wears a sleeping bag to bed each night, so I haven't had any escapes!

However, one day I will have to move her into a bed. Clever Clickers do a lovely range of children beds from Steens highsleeper to themed beds. In fact, there is a wide range of beds at cleverclicker.co.uk
Another idea I had is to just have the cot mattress on the floor and surround it with a big duvet or some pillows to allow her to get used to sleeping without bars!

I will probably hold out for as long as I can to be honest. The idea of Alice getting out of bed at night to play with her toys fills me with dread. That's one battle I am ready to wait for!



  1. I love that your house is so brightly coloured

  2. cute beyond words. Nice details!

  3. Very cute bedroom! I wish our Annabelle was in her own room! I'd have it so super pretty! lol! She'll have to do with her own corner of Mummy & Daddys room for now! xx

  4. Beautifully-furnished bedroom, Emma! :-)

  5. Adorable bedroom. Gorgeous colours!

  6. She has such a lovely room :) I'm dreading taking the bars off of Aidens cotbed - deffo going to wait it out as long as I can! Xo


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