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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Last week was sort of up and down, if you know what I mean? We had a couple of sleepless nights with Alice (guessing teething as the last 4 have now broken though!) and a couple of days which were just really, really good. And I'm not quite sure why. The sun came out on Thursday and decided to stay so Alice and I have been outdoors a lot. We have been to the park, walked to the shop to buy ice creams, played in the paddling pool and even had our lunch and dinner in the garden. It's amazing how much the sun and being outdoors can affect your mood. Alice is so happy to be outdoors. She is in her element. No tantrums, no crying, no bad moods. It's great!

We made scones together on Wednesday. They were yummy and I reduced the sugar amount to create a slightly healthier snack for Alice!
The house was a tip, but we didn't care. On the right, Alice has some junk mail which came through the door. Every time we get a leaflet through I say, "It's for you Alice!" and she goes running over and picks it up, then takes it to her toy area and inspects it. I love it.

We have an uncontrollable bush growing over our house and I keep hacking at it, but it keeps coming back!!
On Friday we were out so long at the park I didn't have time to make dinner. So I picked up one of those Heinz baby meals. The spaghetti went down well! 



  1. Looks like you had a good week, apart from the sleepless nights! The scones look delicious and I love the flower vases. x

  2. What beautiful photos!
    Love the junk mail idea.

    Alex ♡

  3. The junk mail thing sounds like a cute wee game! Xo

  4. Oh my osh! The scones look so yummy! The weather's been great. We've been having picnics out in the garden pretty much every day (oddly the house still needs hoovering from top to toe...hrm)

  5. Love, love,love this post( love scones too, so typically English:-)!


  6. Nice pics!!!



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