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Saturday, July 06, 2013

Sometimes, I get so bored of my hair. And I don't want to do anything too permanent to it. So hair extensions have always appealed to me, especially the clip in ones. Last summer I was obsessed with feather hair extensions! I literally wore them all the time. They were so easy to put in and just pulled gently out when I wanted to wash my hair. I loved the colour it added and interest to my hair.

With the festival season in full swing now, these extensions are perfect! click here to visit pauls hair world. If you are after something a little more natural looking, these high quality remy hair extensions are great. They even do some dip dye ones, which are amazing! I am considering returning to the dip dye look myself after the wedding as being all blonde is very difficult to maintain and expensive to.

*This post is a guest post from Pauls hair world


  1. How pretty :) I'm a hair bore - I never do anything with mine!


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  3. Same here! Nothing last a hair style on me so hair extensions is my savior.


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