Saturday, July 27, 2013

I am so thankful that we have a garden for Alice to play in. Especially in this heat. There is no way I can take Alice out and about in 90 degrees weather and burning sun. So being able to open the back door and have a small outside space to use is ideal as we regularly come back inside for an ice lolly or to just cool off.

Sometimes, however, out garden is not completely ideal. As a slab of concrete surrounded by flower beds, a paddling pool can get quite muddy. Which means Alice can get quite muddy too. When i first started using the pool, I was very strict with Alice about the mud, constantly telling her to get out of the mud. It was one day last week, at about 2pm that I decided to relax and let Alice do whatever she wanted to do. Which meant one thing, sitting in the mud and covering herself in dirt.

I may be still learning about this whole motherhood thing, but I'm fairly sure that sometimes, you've just gotta let them get messy. No matter how much cleaning is involved later on!

And there was a lot!



  1. You're a wise mama, Emma(Alice is learning through play,adore her:-)!

  2. so adorable. love her cute little curls!

  3. How sweet, it looks like she really love exploring the outdoors!

  4. The picture of her leaning in the flower pot is too adorable.. its so messy when they get out the pool wet and play in mud isnt it,it just sticks everwhere! Oh well, as they say..a messy babies a happy baby ;)

    WTTP - The little lady with a baby!

  5. There is nothing better than playing in mud! We have so many photos of my sister and I (me probably 4 and her around about 18months) covered in mud. W used to make mud pies, or dad would help us did a hole an we would fll it with water and slosh abuot in it until it go so thick that we got stuck!
    I think I'll try and dig out the photos and put them on my blog :-)
    Oh and my sister would always eat the mudand rub it in her hair lol

  6. She just wanted to be like Peppa! ;) xo


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