Pool Days

Monday, July 08, 2013

On one particularly hot day in the week, I got the paddling pool out for Alice to have a splash in! She had so much fun jumping up and down, running in circles and just sitting in the water, cooling down. Of course, our grass-less garden which is basically a concrete circle surrounded by mud (in which I have attempted to grow some flowers in) meant that a lot of dirt ended up in the pool! But hey, it was still fun and it's only mud, right?

If you're wondering where Alice's nappy is, I took it off and just hoped and prayed there wouldn't be a poo poo in the pool! Hehe! I haven't yet invested in any of those water nappies, but I think I'll have to now the paddling pool was a hit. If you are looking for practical girl's swimwear, Zoggs have some great ones. You can also find kid's swimming goggles from Zoggs if your little one likes putting their head under the water! Hehe!



  1. Paddling pools are awesome - Aiden thought it was just like having a bath outside! Hehe. We bought huggie skittle swimmers - they worked well! Xo

  2. Love Alice's chubby little legs! We had the paddling pool out for the first time this weekend too. W LOVED it! xx

  3. Her swimsuit is so gorgeous!

  4. I'll promote honest diapers for this one simple reason. Several days ago, I was playing with my 14-month-old daughter in the living room. It was "Hop-On-Pop" kind of playing. We laughed and had a lot of fun. Then mom took the baby for her bath. She then shouted to me, "Did you not smell her?" "Nope, never smelled a thing." "Well, she has diarrhea." And I did what any squeamish dad would have done. I checked myself over to make sure no...uh, well, poop had leaked out on me.


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