Tuesday, July 09, 2013

It was so so so so hot at the weekend. Did I mention it was hot?! We usually like to spend our weekend exploring the world a little and taking Alice to new and interesting places. However, it was just far too hot to even push a buggy into town, let alone sit in a car or public transport. So we spent Saturday at home. We slumped about in our pyjamas till about half 9 (late in this house!) and then Alice went for a wonder in the garden. We got out the paddling pool, made a pasta salad while Alice napped and played with more water in the afternoon. By 5.30pm Alice was shattered so I put her to bed early and Dave and I sat in the garden with a nice glass of wine... and beer or two. Needless to say, this did not go down well at 5am when Alice woke up ready for her milk and Peppa Pig!

I regret nothing!

The sun cream I use for Alice is from Green People. It is organic and contains no alcohol or artificial perfumes, which seeing as Alice likes to eat it is a good thing! It's also non-sticky, odourless and water resistant! It is SPF 25, which means it offers 96% protection from UVB raise. We also have the after sun one which has aloe vera in it, and smells lovely! I would definitely recommend checking these out if you are struggling to find a sticky free, smelly free sun cream for your babies sensitive skin!
For the pasta salad I used: fussilli pasta, green pepper, sweetcorn, cucumber, tomatoes, shredded carrot, lettuce, caeser sauce and mozzarella cheese!



  1. aw she looks adorable in her little stripey playsuit. I'm really enjoying your blog, so well written and gorgeous photography!
    That salad looks gorgeous and so easy, I'm pregnant at the moment and finding it hard to eat much salad as it makes me nauseated, but this looks delicious! xxx Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine again today xxx

  2. How cute does her hair look there! That looks like a perfect summer meal..yum!

  3. She's so adorable with her hair in that wee pony tail! This heat is nice...but after a while you feel like melting! Definitely a day for the garden! Xo


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