Thursday, July 04, 2013

Recently things have been a bit hectic. Dave had the week before last off work and we went on a family outing pretty much every day! Which was great. We went to the Tate Modern, the farm, the seaside, Richmond Upon Thames and basically didn't spend much time indoors at all. The thing is, Alice has quite a strict routine. Mainly because she is my responsibility alone most days and nights and I like to have structure! The last week, Alice has been struggling to get back to her usual routine. She seems to have grown up in about a week! She is throwing lots of tantrums and I'm finding it quite difficult to deal with her out and about. I think it's because in my head, she is still this little baby and I haven't quite adapted to her toddler-ness!

So this last week we have mainly stayed indoors and played in the garden lots. Next week I am going to start figuring out this tantrum thing and get out and about again! 
These didn't really work, but I like them!



  1. What cute photos. I'll admit, I've never really had to deal with many tantrums outdoors, indoors YES...but thankfully never in the middle of doing the food shop or anything. Phew! I hope Alice re-adjusts soon! Breaking their routine can be confusing for them, bless them. x

  2. Aiden is yet to properly flip out in public but I'm dreading it!! At least indoors it's easier to deal with! Xo

  3. Sound's like wee Alice is growing up fast!

    btw one really appreciates your lovely blog with profesional fotos and just worked out your gorgeous daughter is a fortnight older then my son(14 th March) :-)


  4. Tantrums in public are hard. After a while you learn to recognise the signs of one coming on, or what will trigger a tantrum, and can deal/ get out of there before it happens. Stay strong!

  5. Most of the time I find tantrums at that age are their own frustration and not being able to vent it properly yet.
    I don't have my own children yet but I was a nursery nurse for 4 years and have 9 'honorary' neices and nephews - all of them under the age of 4 - my friends have been a busy bunch baby wise the past few years! lol

    If a child throws a paddy whilst I'm out with them I let them get on with it - if I'm at a play centre and they want to throw themselves on the floor rather than hold my hand or go home I let them through themselves on the floor and go and sit down somewhere and ignore it (obviously within a safe distance and so they can still see me). Yes it's difficult to ignore and pretty embarassing but once they've had a good scream and a paddy they calm down.
    My sister is a nanny and deals with it in exactly the same way.

    It doesn't last forever, stay strong xxx


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