the Splash Pool

Monday, July 29, 2013

Splash pools are probably the best thing to have ever existed! This one we found last week was just perfect for Alice to splash about in and cool down.

It also through up another problem that I am having right now. Namely, other people's children. Yes, I know, it's a really touchy subject with parents, but I am sure nearly all of us have the same feelings, right? Now I know that Alice is not perfect. She snatches other children's balls, runs off with their scooters and sometimes ever gives a small smack. But I like to think I am the kind of parent who does not put up with that behaviour and wont sit back and let her get away with it. I apologise to the parents out of politeness and then continue to tell Alice what she did was wrong and, even though she may not understand now, tell her it's not nice to hit/snatch things and to say sorry. I will always do this and it is my understanding that Alice will learn to be a kind and thoughtful friend to others.

However, what do you do when another child hits or pushes your child and their parents do nothing about it? This happened at the pool, and I just didn't know what to do. Telling off another parents child seemed a little wrong to me? I mean, what if they started crying or I was accused of something? But do I just sit back and do nothing while Alice cries?

While shopping the other week, Alice was sleeping in her buggy and a little girl came over to see her. She bent down and pointed to Alice, saying "baby." I smiled back and said, "Yes, baby is sleeping", to which the little girl started to shake Alice to try to wake her up. I told the little girl not to because Alice would be upset and looked for her mother. Her mother was looking at something a little way away and glanced at what was happening, but didn't respond. At all. When the little girl went to shake Alice again, I had had enough. I took the little girls hand and moved it away from the buggy, very gently, but in a clear attempt to stop her. It was then that I realised what a dangerous move that could have been. What if that little girl had burst into tears and told her mum I had hurt her, or hit her. And I wouldn't have put it past her.

I have to say, this is one of the hardest things I am dealing with as Alice becomes more social with other children. I understand that children hit and pinch and even bite others, and that's ok! But when these things happen and parents sit back and do nothing... I mean! Come on! What am I supposed to do?!



  1. I'm with you, Emma! The role of parent / carer is a responsible one, enough said!

  2. I had a wee boy try and wake aiden up in a primark queue when aiden was younger and his parents did nothing. So I put on a massive smile and said in a cheery children's channel type voice "darling, baby is sleeping just now you can't wake him up! Go get mummy and daddy now!" And I think my cheeriness creeped the kid out because he ran away!! Haha. But if you want a child to realise they've done wrong without actually scolding them I usually say something like "come on guys, play nicely now/everybody share/ it's not nice to hit/bite!!" And separate the children - the statement doesn't place blame, but makes the child aware that you're watching. It is a complicated issue though! Xo

  3. I can relate to this post very well!!! Particularly this week as well...I took Olivia to snakes and ladders on monday (a great big indoor playground) ...she was playing in one of those toy buggy car's and another little girl got in the car and almost sitting on her, squished her in the process!! I was not amused but like you, I couldnt see a parent around and I didnt want to be seen telling someone elses child off. Olivia was almost at the point of tears and I felt helpless apart from reassuring her with a cuddle.xx

  4. Somehow I can relate to your story. That experience is actually my cousins. We love splash pool so much that never was a week we will not brought there by our parents. She is very naughty, she always teased me until she slide on the pool. But instead of crying, she just laughed and laughed. Really weird cousin!

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