A Good One

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Yesterday was one of those days that was just... good! I can't really explain it any other way. It just had all the ingredients in it to make it a near perfect day. Ice-cream, sun, friends to play, a big garden, good naps and happy children. Sometimes you need days like that, you know?

So I caved and bought Alice one of those micro scooter thingys. I got a little pink helmet to match, just because... it matches! Doubt she will ever wear it, but we will try. I also bought her two new pairs of shoes because she seems to be growing a foot a day and a climbing frame for our tiny garden. I love going to the park, but sometimes you just want to be able to make a cup of tea and read a book while your toddler plays in the garden! Kind of thinking ahead to Autumn when it's not so warm and I don't want to keep Alice cooped up all day as well.

And if these photos don't make you smile at the idea of a big, happy family... then I don't know what will!



  1. This is what summer days are all about - shame it's nearly over!

  2. These days make it all so worth while!

  3. Beautiful Photos. Some of our favourite days are the relaxed ones- the ones where we don't go far from home, and we make sure we have naps and things. The girls seem to thrive more on a more relaxed day than a day when we are rushing about. x


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