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Monday, August 26, 2013

A Rainy Day in London

Dave and I headed into London over the weekend after leaving Alice with my parents. It's rare that we get any time to ourselves these days, especially in the daytime. Before Alice came along, we used to head on the tube into London a lot and explore various nooks and crannies together. So it was really nice to do this again!

It rained a LOT. I know London is known for it's rain, but seriously! It poured the entire day. We headed to one of our favourite spots, St James's Park, which is right next to Buckingham Palace. There is a little ice cream stall just inside the park which does the BEST chocolate ice cream I have ever tasted! London is always full of such excitement and interest, even on a wet day. I wish tubes were easier to navigate with a buggy because I would love to be able to take Alice up here in the week.

Here are a few pics from our day!



  1. Great photos! I love days out in London, my kids keep asking when we can go again, we should soon really, we don't live that far away. Very brave of you to venture out in the rain!

  2. Odd question, but where did you get your umbrella from?xx

    1. Hey, I actually bought it off of Amazon for about a fiver! I just typed in "clear umbrellas" xx

    2. Thank you! You look great btw :) xx

  3. aww London. Miss it!...and the rain. cheers.

  4. Typical, I must say that ice cream looks GOOD thought!


  5. Ahh i miss London so much - even in the rain! Lovely photos :)

  6. It looks like a great day, I miss London loads, we are only 40 minutes away and we go in quite a bit, but it is not the same as living there! x


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