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Thursday, August 01, 2013

This week we have the post-wedding blues :( We both keep reminiscing about the day and laughing and joking... and then feeling sad because it's all over! After all those months of planning, the fact that it is all over is a little hard to accept. So in an attempt to make the whole "wedding" fun last longer, we are planning to go on honeymoon in October instead of August as originally planned. Now we have something else to plan and get excited about!!

Here's what else has been going on round here:

 I discovered that vegemite makes spaghetti taste a million times better! Try it!
 Granny (Dave's mum) came for lunch!
 I still have my wedding flowers all round the house, so am having to use improvised flower pots!
 Alice loves copying me clean so we got her a little toy cleaning set. She loves them! But I can't help feeling a little bad about giving her a toy broom...?
 Ah, these make me smile in the morning!
Alice loves putting anything on her ankles. I think she likes to pretend she is putting her shoes on. It's one of my favourite things she does!



  1. awwwww i love that Alice copies you cleaning, that is just so sweet! xxx

  2. aawww, so sweet and helpful!

  3. I love the red sofa, is it from Ikea? And the gorgeous map above it...I have an obsession with maps at the moment :). Congratulation on your wedding!

  4. I love Alice's style... Bangles on ankles!

  5. What a nice pics!
    Have a good weekend!


  6. Oooo i so need one of those for my camera!! I really do envy your photos x


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