Cakes for Alice

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Any excuse to use my new scales! Up until now I have actually been guessing quantities. I've been quite lucky actually, except for the pancake incident in June... Best not go there unless you want to be put off pancakes for the rest of your life...

She loved playing with those egg shells. And look! I bought a mixing bowl too! I'm like, a complete domestic goddess now, didn't you know?

This flavoured sugar dough from Hobby Craft was amazing! So easy to use, just roll it out and cut out desired shapes. The flavour is so sweet and yummy and the colours, so fun! You could even use some of Hobby Craft's cookie cutters for cutting out the shapes!
That's it Alice, stuff it all in at once. Honestly... Hehe!
Couldn't keep her away!



  1. Awwww I love your colorfull little cakes! Haven't been to hobby craft in ages...not even sure if there s one near us! Great photos, I love baking with my little ones too, so much fun :)

  2. Her wee face looking into that bowl! Haha, so cute! The cakes look really yummy - you're making me want to take up baking again!! Xo

  3. I always use butter cream for my cupcakes, I'm going to look out for some ready roll icing. There isn't a hobby craft near where I live, but my little one would have such fun using cookie cutters to make different shapes. xxx


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