Designing Your Toddler's Room

Monday, August 19, 2013

Decorating a child's bedroom can be a tricky task. Naturally, you want to go about it in a way that will make your child happy and keep him or her interested in and proud of the room. But, this isn't exactly like your other home decorating projects! Decorating a child's bedroom means putting yourself in your child's shoes, and remembering the things you would've loved to have in your room at a young age. With that said, here are a few specific tips and ideas for decorating your toddlers' rooms!

Colour Scheme

Naturally, the colour or wallpaper you choose will do a lot to decide the general atmosphere of a room. Additionally, this is perhaps the area in which boys and girls will differ most in preference. However, you don't need to stick with just pink or baby blue as options (as you may have when your child was first born). Generally speaking, boys prefer bolder, cooler colours - green, royal blue, etc. - and girls prefer lighter or gentler tones like yellow, pink, and paler blues and greens. But you don't have to rely on general preferences - your toddler is old enough to pick out his or her own colour!

Another fun idea for adding to the atmosphere is to pick out some themed, artistic wallpaper. Check out Wallpaper Direct for some great options for kids, from animal themes, to truck and cars, to cartoon characters and much more. Many kids will go wild over having this sort of artistic wallpaper in place!

Bed Frame

Arguably the quickest way to enhance a young child's room is to make his or her bed more than just a bed. As an adult, you probably focus more on the mattress, and on how the bed fits into your room's overall d├ęcor. But for a young child, a bed can become an adventurous prop with the right design and theme!

For a few particularly great examples of kids' bed frames, check out Dreams Beds. You'll find character themed beds, beds in the image of trucks or trains, and even a bunked option that looks like a miniature house! Such an option will be almost certain to become your child's favourite feature in the room.

Props & Features

This is the fun part. Once you've designed the basic scheme, and picked out a bed, you'll get to fill the room with things your child loves. If he or she loves stuffed animals, fill the room with soft and cuddly little animals. If he or she is into a specific sort of theme or character - be it princesses, knights, pirates, sports heroes, etc. - fill the room with props that match the preference. You can get creative with this idea and truly turn your child's room into a wonderful place.



  1. Looks gorgeous - and I love how everything is on her level so she can choose and reach what she wants to explore next! xxx

  2. She has such a lovely bedroom. I love all the pastel colours for little girls. I've done my little girls room in baby pink and cream and it has such a lovely warmth to it. Still a few finishing touches needed but seeing Alice's name in the blocks has made me want some for Abby. So Cute!


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