Down by the River Thames

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Possibly one of our favourite places to hang out at the weekends, especially bank holiday ones. There is always something going on down by the River Thames! We love taking Alice here and showing her all the boats and swans and people wondering about. It's so full of life and character and colour! This is why I know we will never be able to move too far from London, we just love it too much. Even in the rain!

Alice has been so happy this weekend, which is a really weird thing to say. She is of course, always happy! But we have had minimal tantrums, no fuss at bedtimes and a non-fussy eater. What's going on?! We took her to the park the other day and she made friends with a lovely little 4 year old girl who took her hand and led her around the place. Alice had the biggest, proudest smile on her face, she was so thrilled a "big" girl wanted to play with her!

She has also been stealing everyone else's scooters! I think I may have to invest in one soon. Of anyone has one to recommend I am all ears. We are currently steering towards the micro scooter, bit only because it is form ages 12 months to 3 years. Anyone have one of these?

As always, here are some more pictures from our outing!


  1. Lovely photo's again - you make me miss london so much!

    We got our son a micro scooter when he was 2 and it only took him about a week to get the hang of it and he now scoots everywhere. Best investment we ever made! I only wish i had invented them....

  2. Does Alice always have a dummy?

    1. Not always. We are slowly weaning her off of it, but I am sort of going at her pace. She mainly has it for naps and bedtime and I hope to stop her having it in the day completely soon. But I don't really have too much of a problem with it, she wont have it forever. xx

  3. You have a lot of great pictures here. Visiting from the Let's Be Friends hop. :)

  4. Ahhh the phone boxes ...Kingston? :) your pictures always look so brilliant! xx (you might want to disable 'anonymous' comments being left after seeing the one above - no need for it)


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