Lavender fields

Friday, August 02, 2013

We had no idea we were living next to a field of lavender! If we did, there would be a lot more pictures of it on this blog. In fact, we live near to about 3 farms, a farm shop and biggest park I have ever seen! And here we were thinking we lived in London, surrounded by sirens and traffic. Well, we do, but we also live in the countryside! Apparently.

We took these pictures just before a storm! Haha! They had been saying it was coming for ages, so we bought lots of treats and planned to play indoors making forts and painting pictures. And we waited and waited and waited, and all we could see was sun and blue skies so we took our chances and went for a drive. And what happened? It clouded over and started to rain. Typical.

One more thing I should mention about lavender fields, is the amount of BEE'S! Seriously. They were everywhere. I was trying seriously hard not to flap about and start panicking, especially as Alice kept trying to grab them. After about 20 minutes... I was done. If you have a fear of bee's I do not suggest a lavender field. Unless you think it will cure you. Which I doubt it will as I have now developed my own mini phobia of them!

My hair is at a terrible "in-between" stage at the moment as I was going blonde for the wedding. I shall be brunette again soon though!


  1. Beautiful. We're surrounded by countryside but I need to get out in it more. I don't know why we don't! xx

  2. You've got the best of both worlds,love the lavender fields; so pretty!:-)

  3. All pics are absolutely stunning, but the last one is the best!!!

  4. These photos are beautiful! Xo

  5. Interesting post with lovely pictures. I love the first photo, cute little one.

  6. Eeek the one with the bee really close to her head, fearless :) gorgeous photos, ive tagged you in my latest post regarding them! x


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