My Pretty Mummy Competition!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Nope, they aren't real blocks! It's an anamorphic illusion, courtesy of Instantprint. I was sent this a few weeks ago and Dave and I have had lots of fun playing about with camera angles, trying to capture the best shot to try to fool you. What do you think? Perhaps if you check out the Instantprint website, all will become much clearer! They have some amazing photos on there which will make you go, "wow!". And a lot of squinting at the computer screen saying, "that has to be real, right?" "that CAN'T be an illusion!"

Now for the competition bit! All you have to do is tweet about what you would like to see as an anamorphic illusion using the hash tag #printoutsidethebox.

The best idea will win a £10 Amazon Voucher!

Good luck!



  1. These things blow my mind every time! Just had a look at some of their video's, it's just amazing!


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