Oh dear

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Yep, that is Alice washing up her own bottles. Never too early to start cleaning, that's what I say! Hehe!

So we have FINALLY hit the stage where Alice is attempting to talk. Well... attempting to copy every single sound we say. Maybe, attempting to communicate in a way that's not just crying and screaming. Although she does still do that too.

There are a few words she has started saying that I particularly enjoy, and a few that I don't. One of my favourites is, or was, "hello!" Or... "heyo" as Alice puts it. This is great fun. Though I don't think she quite understands it's meaning and demands we say it back to her about a million times, throwing a tantrum if we stop. Seriously, our car journey home the other day consisted of a continuous back and forth game of saying hello. In the end we began to sound like a particular Lionel Richie song on loop. "hello, hello, hello, hello, hel-freaking-lo!!!" I'm beginning to hate anyone who greets me with hello.

Another couple of words she has figured out is, "oh dear". I didn't realise just how much I say this phrase in a day, I must be getting old. I have a bit of a marmite relationship with this one. On the one hand, it's so blooming hilarious at the park when Alice goes up to other children, or better, other children's parent's and says with a big frown, "oh dear." People love this one, mainly because it's such an odd thing to come out of a toddlers mouth! And i love it because they always look so concerned and try to engage into conversation with her thinking she must understand, to which she simply screams out laughing in their face and runs off to annoy somebody else!

On the other hand, it drives me crazy. I usually use this phrase after Alice has tripped over or caused a mini disaster area in the house by knocking something over/ breaking everything she touches. So the other day, Alice decides to use this to her mischievous advantage at dinner. After throwing a spoonful of peas and tomato sauce at me, she leaned over and said ever so sweetly, "oh dear." And then turned away. How am I supposed to deal with that?! I was split between anger and being utterly impressed at her ability to cover up her naughtiness.

Other than that, not much has been happening around these parts. Dave has man flu... need I say anymore? So now I have two children to look after. But it's good practice for the future I suppose. 

It's difficult when you have to look after someone who is needy, whiny and demanding - Alice can be a pain too!

I met someone the other day who reads my blog. It was so strange! I can't believe people actually do. See, I'm writing this as if I am writing to myself... not like I'm writing to an audience. I'm actually trying not to check any blog stats for a while because I think it may be stopping me from being... well me! If I pretend no one is reading then I can sort of be myself more and hopefully produce some more honest content... other than the good old favourite, "today we went to the farm... it was good"! Haha! Sometimes I really cringe at my old posts!

It's the end! We made it!



  1. Its funny we as parents spend the first years teaching and encouraging our children to talk, and as soon as they learn you realise that you can't teach them to stop. Enjoy the next stage of mummy hood. Its loud, but fun :)

  2. That did make me laugh! My 17 month old has just started saying "yuck" & "poo" which can be a bit awkward! Harriet x


  3. Aww!! Ohh yes I agree with Kylie....We encourage them to talk then they just don't stop....lol Enjoy...lol


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