Unofficial wedding photos

Thursday, August 08, 2013

 Just a few unofficial photographs from our wedding! Can not wait for my official ones to come through from Alexa Loy! 
We had a white taxi as our wedding car. It was so pretty and there was enough room so that my dress wouldn't crease! 
 As everyone arrived and sat down, Dave was waiting nervously. He suffers from hay-fever and hadn't taken a tablet that morning so all the flowers were making him sneeze! haha! 
And on the right o]is our lovely photographer Alexa! 

I LOVE CONFETTI! My favourite moment from the day! 
 Of course, all Alice wanted to do was run around in the park next door! 
 My lovely bridesmaids and their floral dresses!
 Our flowers were in white watering cans!
That cake tasted as good as it looked! 



  1. You look absolutely gorgeous!!!

    The dress suits you perfectly as well! Looks like you had a fantastic day! xxx

  2. Beautiful photos, and you looked gorgeous! I love your dress, I love everything infact :) xx

  3. Your dress is abolutely beautiful x

  4. I love your dress. It's gorgeous. This are such lovely pictures, it looks like a perfect day.

  5. You looked stunning. Your dress was divine and I adore the Grooms suit with converse. That's just what we'd do as well! Honestly...nothing can beat an elegantly beautiful, simple wedding. You both look so happy too! xx

  6. How lovely! It looks like it was a wonderful day xo

  7. Aww you looked beautiful!
    Looks like it was a fantastic day x

  8. Congratulations! That photo of you and your dad (?) in the car is stunning :) x

  9. beautiful photos! and beautiful wedding!

    dayle & www.swingsandstrawberries.blogspot.com

  10. You look beautiful! I hope you had a wonderful wedding day. Your dress is wonderful. x

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  12. Love all of these photos! It looks like you had the most perfect day. I absolutely adore all of your flower choices

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