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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Alice enjoyed playing with her new tea set! There are lots of lovely, reasonable toys at Argos, including other Peppa Pig toys! Alice is a massive fan of that little pink pig, I think I may have to do a Peppa Pig themed 2nd birthday party for her.
Alice loves picking things up and pretending it's a telephone. The remote control is one of her favourite "phones" right now!

I tidied all the toys and kitchen up the other day. This is quite a big deal in this house as things tend to be very disorganised most of the time!

For the first time ever, Alice actually used the blocks to print little squares with the paint! Usually she just runs off with them and paints the walls...



  1. Aww, she's growing & learning fast(clever girl:-)


    1. She is growing so fast! Can't believe she will be 2 in a few months!! xx

  2. Gorgeous pictures she's so cute! Remote controls are always a favourite aren't they!


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