Thursday, September 05, 2013

This was going to be a post about our new slide for the garden, but I realised I didn't actually take any pictures of it! Typical... 

We bought it over the weekend from Early Learning Centre. She loves it so much already. We do have a park right next to us, but sometimes you just want to let your toddler play in the garden before lunch or bedtime without having to trek all the way to the park and make a proper day of it. It's so nice to have our little space in the back garden now! 

Alice has started actually smiling for the camera! I am so happy. It's so sweet, we say smile and she pulls this massive grin right into the camera. 



  1. I fell in love with a slide/treehouse playhouse thing at kiddicare but they've discontinued it! Yay for smiling at the camera. Rio goes all expressionless when I get the camera out lately "not again mum".

  2. I hear you about not having to take them out all the time, sometimes it just nice to be able to play in the garden! We've got a trampoline and a Wendy house, I know Emily would love a swing or slide but our garden is just not big enough. I love her little smile, so cute when they start doing that :)

  3. Awww i love that Alice smiles when having her photo taken. We are looking to get a playhouse so must look at the one you have, thanks :) xx

  4. OO Alice has the same Dutch brand shoe as my soon to be 18m old(navy baseball boots and low red tops; love Dutch style and creativity;)!

  5. American and not Dutch(a half Dutch friend used to favour them)DOH appoligise American founder(America).

    Right that cleared that up.

  6. Apoligies once again *embarassed*

    1. Haha! Yes, they are little converse trainers. So good for running about all day in as they have a good sole but are soft material around the foot! xx

    2. Yep, very practical and they look good too; great minds....!



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