The Weekend

Monday, September 23, 2013

 This weekend was a good one, and a bad one. I mean, there were no in-between moments. It was either really good, or just really bad. Alice has a cold and she hasn't been napping very well which means that she is a bit fussy in the day, and it's keeping her up at night too. She needs a fair bit of attention in the day at the moment to stop her from realising how tired she is or from being a complete nightmare thanks to lack of sleep!

We spent both mornings lazing about and making too much food. On Saturday we went to the farm and on Sunday we recovered from a terrible night with Alice thanks to a certain common cold which has made itself at home! Poor Alice had a stuffed up nose all night and a temperature to match.

But it was definitely a good weekend, it was just a little harder and more exhausting than our usual ones. We have hit a funny stage with her where she answers every question with a firm shake of the head and a "no!" which is very funny.



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