A Crisp Autumn Day

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Gosh there is something about these crisp autumn days that just make us want to get outside and kick about in the leaves! The weather is perfect, the trees are beautiful and Alice is so happy. This time last year I was pushing Alice about in her buggy, dreaming of when she would be able to run and jump in the leaves. This year, she is!

The thing about Autumn in the UK is that it turns into winter very quickly. Like... over night! I can already spot a few trees which are almost completely bare. Winter is starting to sound a little tough. I'm not entirely sure what we will do if it's too cold to go outside. I'm already dreading the darker mornings, shorter days and cold nights. It can be a depressing time of year, and I really don't do well when it's dark all day, so I'm already trying to plan lots of activities for us to do together. I am hoping we can get out at least once a day too, as any amount of sunlight should help to make us feel a little happier!

I wish Autumn would last longer!




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