Sick, sick, sick

Thursday, October 03, 2013

These past two weeks have been hard. Really hard. I have never seen Alice so sick before, it has just been heartbreaking. It started with a cold last week which blocked up her nose and caused a few sleepless nights for all of us! That started to clear by the end of the week. On Saturday, Alice woke up with a rash, which we thought might be chicken pox. She had no fever, no sickness... just the remains of a cold from the week before. We phoned NHS Direct and they advised us to keep her hydrated and keep an eye on the rash.

By Sunday morning, the rash was looking pretty much the same. But Alice started vomiting and became clingy and irritable. She was like a different baby, I just couldn't stand it. I spent most of the day being strong for her and every time she fell asleep, crying out of pure worry.

By Tuesday, the sickness had stopped and Alice was looking much better. No rash, no irritability and she was almost completely back to normal. It turned out to be a particularly nasty virus, which seemed to mimic all the signs of Measles, minus the fever which is apparently the big give away of something more serious. I am hoping her recovery continues and we will have our little Alice back to normal soon!

So September, I am SO HAPPY to see the back of you. You have bought us nothing but colds, virus's and tears. So please don't hate me for starting to get excited about Christmas a little earlier this year... We could all do with a little Christmas cheer in this cottage at the moment!



  1. aw, poor little alice, glad to hear she is on the mend though, I love seeing the little snippets of you both on here :) Sorry you've had a tough month, I can only imagine how much you worry when she's sick. I'm 6 months pregnant at the moment and worry about the little guy constantly, god knows how bad I'll be when he arrives haha x

  2. Aww the poor love! Hope she's all better soon x

  3. Poor wee woman! So pleased she's starting to recover and hopefully you can all get a good night sleep x

  4. Oh no, that sounds so scary. So happy Alice is feeling better. These bugs can be so nasty. Calleigh seems to be ill all of the time out here but luckily it's never been more than a cold or a throat infection. xx

  5. Sendinglots of healing energy & respite /sanity to mum(parent's biggest challenge)!


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