The Muddy Puddle

Friday, October 18, 2013

The weather has been all over the place recently (no surprises for the UK), but we have had a few days where it has just been perfect. The sun came out, the air was crisp and fresh after the long rainy showers and everything looked so pretty and bright! Alice and I have been practically living at the park this week. And we have had lots of fun jumping in muddy puddles.

It sometimes surprises me how many parents still worry about their children getting muddy! The one day there was no rain, the park was full of children. But after a few showers, not one other person could be seen! Even though the sun was out and it was perfect puddle jumping weather. I mean, don't get me wrong, we have definitely enjoyed having the park to ourselves. There has been no arguments to break up, no waiting in line for the slide and swings and no crazy 4 year olds on bikes to mind out the way of. But it is kind of sad in a way.

Needless to say, we shall be spending the rest of this week jumping in that puddle. At least those wellies are getting a lot of use!




  1. aw, she's such a cutie, I do enjoy her bright yellow wellies. Good for you for embrassing the muddy park together :) x

  2. I'm a lot like those other parents I must admit, Livvy likes to jump up and down in puddles but I only let her near the small ones (even with her willies on) lol! I always have to remind myself that clothes can be washed, hands can be cleaned and mummys poor shoes can be dried out hehe :-D good for you I say xx

    1. My spell check attempted to do the very same...I changed it at the last minute thank goodness! ;)

  3. oops.... just realised a major spelling mistake in that last comment.... *wellingtons ...not the other ..errmm....word! (I've actually just realised it changed it to that word itself via spellcheck!!) x

  4. What a cute blog you have here (and cute 'lil girl too!). :)

    PS. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. xox

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  6. We always head to the park on days like this..its lovely to have it all to yourself sometimes..feeding the ducks is never as good with lots of families ;) Muddy puddle splashing is what wellies were designed for surely? She's lovely :)

  7. Too cute & I'm with you Emma so much fun whatever the terain / weather!


  8. Aw she's so cute and grown up now! I like the park when it's been a bit rainy too, it's so quiet! xx

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  9. I know! We went to the park the other day and Gary was stressing because Aiden was falling in the muddy grass. It's just mud! Though, in saying that, my nephew (8 weeks older than aiden) was jumping in muddy puddles on Friday and it ended up in a trip to A&E when he slipped and knocked his head off of a stone! Poor boy! :( He was fine though - they glued to cut back up and he was back to acting like a cheeky monkey in no time! Xo


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