The Playground

Monday, October 21, 2013

Is there anything better than watching your child play in a playground, exploring all those fun obstacles you remember so well from your own childhood, and interacting with new friends every day? We are at the stage where playground are a need, something that can not be skipped. Even a day out down the local highstreet has to end with at least one trip to a playground so Alice can practise her climbing and jumping! In the week, when it's not raining, Alice and I are constantly at our local one. I actually don't know what we are going to do when the winter comes and temperatures plummet?!




  1. We love the playground here as well, and she constantly asks to go, even when it is raining and horrible. x

  2. Your little girl is so cute! Definitely making me hope I have a daughter one day!

  3. We are huge playground fans! Always there, even in the rain - sometimes the only ones mad enough to bother!
    Cute pics :)

  4. Here in Noway the kids are out playing in 'all-in-one suits' in winter that are very water resitant. They wear wool or furry hats and waterproof mittens with lining. There's a saying which ryhmes in Norwegian but in translated it doesn't, anyway it goes 'No such thing as bad weather but bad clothing' hehe! :) I know Next do 'snow suits' but not sure how water resistant they are.... Wellies like muck boot are brilliant and keep tootsies warm with minus degrees, otherwise winter goretex boots are often used here now untill spring with knitted wool socks. It all can be a bit expensive especially if you're going to use wool as underlayers on your children too!! =)


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