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Monday, November 11, 2013

Haha! That little face in the first picture is priceless!

This weekend was a bit of an up and down one. Saturday was hard. it rained all day and on top of that, it was so dark and cold out it felt more like January than November! We ventured out only once, and that was a complete disaster (ikea, need I say more?!). The traffic on the way back was awful, Alice was hungry and bored and she somehow managed to wiggle an arm out the car seat and open the back door!! (All fixed now, but that was a scary moment I can tell you!). By the time she had gone to bed, we were both shattered and I was done with Saturday. Done.

But Sunday could not have been more different. Alice woke up at half 6 in the best mood ever. She was singing and playing and chatting away through breakfast. We ventured out on the train into Central London to attend the Thomas the Tank Engine event we were kindly invited to by Harrods. Alice was so excited to play with all the other children there, and the trains. Oh gosh let me tell you, trains are her new favourite thing. Toy trains, cartoon trains, real trains, she loves them! We stopped off in Carnaby Street on the way back for some lunch and then made our way back home, kicking through the leaves as we went. The sun was out all day, the air was crisp but not freezing and the smell of recently fallen rain lingered loosely. Alice was smiling widely the whole day, despite missing out on her nap, and threw not one tantrum. Not one. Not even a little tiny minuscule tear left her eyes.

I don't know why, but Sunday was just such a good one. Here's to many more like it!!



  1. I could just watch them all day when their having one of those days :) adorable picture!! X

  2. my husband and I have a love/hate relationship with ikea :S what can I say!?

    trains sounds like fun, my Lucas is so into trains too right now....adorable pic :)

  3. Adooorably-cute pix of Alice!


  4. That picture is hysterical!
    Trains! Trains are awesome (and at least you can give family some hints for her Christmas!). I want to save up and go see Thomas when aiden is a bit older - it will be a nice weekend away! Xo


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