Alice's Chalk Wall

Thursday, November 28, 2013

One of Alice's favourite things to do right now, is pick up a pen/chalk/crayon/pencil, and draw all over every surface she can find. Usually the walls and door to be honest (see this post!). So last week I got completely fed up of scrubbing the walls clean and bought a tin of chalk paint. I painted one wall of our family room and one wall in Alice's bedroom. I have to say, this chalk paint stuff is a bit of a lifesaver! Alice loves chalking away all day and I love being able to just wipe it off in a second.

I was a little weary of painting the entire wall black, especially the one downstairs, but actually with all the coloured chalk over it, it actually looks very pretty! It can be painted over when you have had enough and isn't at all expensive, so I would definitely recommend giving it a go... if you're brave enough! xx



  1. I love the idea of having a chalk wall in the bedroom, I know my Emily would love it too, just like Alice she's a little artist :)

  2. Have been thinking of doing this for ages(gr8 idea:-), the genuis paint would be ideal for small, coffee tables too!



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