Around this Cottage...

Monday, November 25, 2013

Our beautiful flowers from Prestige Flowers are making the place look and feel so wintery and warm. I love the Autumn colours and little leaves in between the orange and purple flowers!
 Of course, the box is fun to play with too...! 
 I can't stop making Christmas decorations with Alice! The glitter, the sticking, the hanging up and pointing every time we see them... I think most of our house will be decorated by Alice this year!
 Making a desk and doing "work" just like daddy did when he worked from home last week to look after me when I was sick. 

And I am starting to feel a little better now, thanks for the tweets! xxx


  1. Your cottage sounds and looks very cosy! I'm loving the glitter stars :)

  2. Adore your gorgeous family pix as usual!


  3. Absolutely right. Flowers make the place look more elegant and beautiful plus the fragrance they give just makes your day. Overall I like this cottage. BTW Your kid is so cute.

  4. Very nice Centerpiece with Bouquet of beautiful flowers. I Actually like colorful flowers. also very beautiful Christmas decorations.


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