Monday, November 18, 2013

Here is my last instalment from our honeymoon in Italy. On the Wednesday we took a boat across the Mediterranean Sea to the Isle of Capri. Coloured sailing boats, towns embedded into the cliff rocks and colourful flowers were everywhere. I was in heaven! The walk into the main city centre was all up hill and to be quite honest, I was shattered by the time we reached the top. But the views (and pizza) were well worth the trek. Capri has an air of mystery and fairy tail to it. It has been largely untouched since the 1970's when it became illegal to build any new buildings on the Island. The little alleyways were full of flowers and quaint little steps and statues and the Island was just so... colourful!

We took a boat tour around the whole Island and saw some of the most breathtaking caves and rock formations. The weather was hot and sunny, perfect boating weather really! We drank cappuccinos by the harbour and ate gelato whilst overlooking the beautiful view. It was the perfect end to a perfect honeymoon. I would love to go back to Capri one day!





  1. You probably go back with Alice & siblings one day!

    Love your relaxed and laidback chic-style:-)


  2. gorgeous photos! can't wait to go one day :)

  3. It looks beautiful and I have to say, you take the most wonderful photos. I am really into photography (although by no means an expert- just a beginner!) but I always love looking at yours. x

  4. Beautiful! Love your dress too :)


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