Naughty Alice

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It's no secret that I take a LOT of photos of Alice. I can't help it, I love capturing every moment and  looking back on our adventures. I think my favourite thing to capture is Alice being naughty. When I say naughty, I mean... funny naughty, not screaming tantrum in the middle of the high street naughty! These are the pictures I have taken recently of Alice which capture her... personality shall we say? Haha!
 Alice has decided that the door is a great whiteboard. In her defence, she did wipe this off herself afterwards!
 Running away...
 And again. Seriously, this child just shoots off at lightening speed every two seconds at the moment! 
 Trying to pull the flowers out the vase...
Oh and climbing on the table, her favourite sitting place! 



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